Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trolley Petition Formally Launches Thursday

The WeDemandAVote.Com coalition will formally launch the petition to stop the foolish $200 million trolley plan of City Council and Mayor Mallory on Thursday, May 21 at 1:30 PM in front of Ollie's Trolley at the northwest corner of Liberty and Central Avenue. Join WeDemand partners NAACP, COAST, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Blue Chip Young Republicans for this important event.

Ollie's Trolley, is a vintage streetcar seeing new life as a neighborhood eatery. They serve soul food and world-famous Ollie-burgers, and have been very favorably reviewed by Cincinnati's Wine Me, Dine Me.

Ollie's is the only trolley we need downtown.


  1. Is it a $200 million plan, or a $185 million plan as stated a little farther down on the page?

  2. Good point Travis. Of course if it's anything like Cincinnati's other recent large capital projects it'll end up being a $400 million plan. Remember the Bengals and Red stadiums, The Banks, Fountain Square renovation, etc, etc.?

  3. Too bad you guys have to hang outside of bars as they close and flat out lie to get signatures on your petitions.

  4. You're breaking my heart Ronny. The funny thing is, detractors said the same thing suring the jail tax signature collection effort. COAST won then, and it will win this time.

    If you think COAST petitioners are lying then do your part and file a complaint witht the Ohio Ethics Commission. Put up or shut up. I predict you will do absolutely NOTHING (short of bitching and whining on a blog).

  5. This ballot initiative is dangerous to say the least. I have left comments on other parts of this blog:
    This isn't about a 'trolley'. This is about basically taking Cincinnati off the map in the Midwest. The states of Indiana, Pennsylvania, and New York are all developing intrastate rails systems, Ohio's being called a HUB with the 3C. There are so many cities looking at inner city transit it is astounding. We need to be competitive. We are a rare city in that we have the United State's largest historic district sitting primarily empty and could add upwards of 100k people very quickly.

    What this initiative would do is possibly block rails coming into or leaving Cincinnati. Northern Kentucky is on board (they have been kicking our butts for a while now with smart choices, they should be an indicator that we shouldn't turn this down). So, this initiative to stop transit will be the ultimate shoot yourself in the foot event of the next century.

    I can just see it now: Every city in the Midwest sees a boom except Cincinnati because it decided it didn't want a 'trolley'. If you can't see the writing on the wall and how transit and population density are going to shape the next century, you are blind.

  6. I have an idea for COAST:
    Why don't we start a ballot initiative that we don't want our gas subsidized? Or, if you drive a car that doesn't get at least 35 mpg, you have to at least pay actual cost for gas? If we could get the whole country on board, we could save up to 35 billion dollars a year!

  7. “I chose this location so that we could be right on the streetcar line. If you want to start looking at a return on investment, for the streetcar, then you can look at us. We’re going in here with the streetcar in mind,” says Rose.

    - Employee from Rookwood Pottery

  8. ^ Great. Somebody else wants us to pay for their ride to work, except they're too good to take the bus. Dead Sexy John loves a free ride too.

    We're sick & tired of freeloaders. If you want a trolley, buy it yourself.

  9. "We are planning on locating our business in OTR and the streetcar is not a determining factor."

    -Paul Wilham

    From here, 3rd comment.


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