Tuesday, May 12, 2009

COAST Salutes Walton, KY

It's not often that government gets something right. But when they do, we owe them a hearty "Thank you." Our thanks today go out to greater Cincinnati's own Walton, Kentucky, for being a model of fiscal conservatism.

Even though they project their tax rolls will increase by over $20 million this year due to the Walton Towne Center, they're spending less than they did last year and boosting their surplus, according to this Enquirer story.

"In the city of Walton, our budget is based on last year's forecast: what we actually got in," Mayor Trzop said. "We can forecast (future revenues), but we don't spend them. The budget is built for what we actually got last year, and then we let the future take care of itself."

While some cities are spending their reserves and lowering services for their citizens, Walton is giving its employees a 2.5% raise without any increase in taxes. And they continue to not levy payroll or occupational license taxes on businesses.

That's our kind of town!

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