Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Republicans Enlist Wenstrup for Mayor

Mayoral candidate and veteran
Dr. Brad Wenstrup

The Hamilton County Republican Party has enlisted Cincinnati physician Brad Wenstrup as its mayoral candidate. COAST has met Wenstrup and is impressed with his intelligence, commitment to public service and principled approach to the campaign and the job. Wenstrup has already come out against the foolish $200 million Trolley proposal from City Council and Mayor Mallory. Good work Chairman Triantafilou!


  1. I thought that COAST was a bipartisan organization? I am also glad that COAST met with him and vetted his qualifications for running a city..... Well, at least COAST looked him in the eye and knew his soul like Bush did with Putin.
    Oh yeah, and he was voted as Dr. McDreamy, woohoo!
    Then, when he is mayor, we can put 50 ballot initiatives in place so that he can't even tie his shoes without our approval, woohoo! We'll grind this city into a heap of nothing. Yeehaw!

  2. ^COAST is a non-partisan organization, meaning party affiliation is not a factor in who or what we support or oppose. See our mission for details. See our record for proof.

    Actually, "running the city" is the City Manager's job. Council gives him broad direction, and the Mayor is supposed to coordinate and orchestrate all these individual efforts the way a symphony conductor does.

    Wenstrup was instrumental in the turnaround of an enemy prison in a war zone. Mallory can't manage to build consensus among a Council controlled by his own party, nor by the very people who elected him. So who's the better leader?

    This city is desperate for a mayor who sees each citizen as someone to be served, listened to, and helped. Our current mayor sees the people as someone he needs a bodyguard to protect himself from.

    When a mayor conducts himself in concert with the peoples' wishes, there's no need for ballot initiatives. And then a magical thing happens; we all begin attacking the city's problems instead of attacking each other.


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