Friday, April 17, 2009

Constituents, COAST and Cincinnati Tea Party put pressure on Driehaus

Press release issued Thursday:

Following up on the Cincinnati Tea Party on Wednesday, this evening COAST teamed up with the Cincinnati Tea Party to host a tele-town hall designed to reach voters in Ohio's First Congressional District to inform them that Congressman Steve Driehaus is one of only three Congressmen to refuse to disclose this earmark requests to the House Appropriations Committee.

The tele-town hall technology allowed COAST to connect with more than 32,000 households. More than 4,000 voters participated live in a discussion about Driehaus' betrayal of his constituents.

As reported in the Cincinnati Enquirer Monday, a new House rule requires Driehaus to disclose his pork requests. 432 Congressmen did so, but Driehaus was only of only three to flout the new rule and refuse to disclose requests for porkbarrel spending. The rules are intended to increase the transparency of the appropriations process.

The tele-town hall, COAST e-mails and the COAST web site are directing voters to an on-line petition to Driehaus asking that he disclose his earmarks. COAST and the Cincinnati Tea Party also circulated paper petitions to Driehaus at Wednesday's Tea Party. So far, more than 1,200 voters have signed demanding that Driehaus disclose his earmarks. Today, Driehaus continues to refuse to disclose his earmark requests.

Donors may give to the effort to expose Driehaus' pork treachery here.

"COAST and the Cincinnati Tea Party will not stop talking about this issue," said Gloyd, "until Driehaus comes clean with the voters and tells us his earmark requests."


  1. He went over and above the requirements by posting all the requests that were made of him. Check his site here:

  2. Good job. Driehaus is feeling the pressure to stop hiding his earmark requests.


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