Wednesday, April 8, 2009

COAST Hits The Ground With Trolley Petitions This Weekend

“Taking it to the streets”

Volunteer COASTers will be gathering to this Saturday (April 11) to circulate petitions that will force a public vote on City Council’s plans to build a $200 million trolley system serving only three Cincinnati neighborhoods.

Please join us at 2623 Erie Avenue (behind law firm of Finney, Stagnaro) at 10 AM Saturday morning. There, you will receive petition forms and instruction sheets, training on legal requirements for circulation, and meet and join with other enthusiastic COAST volunteers. Ohio residents are legally allowed to circulate, but out-of-state volunteers can join in the fun!

COAST has committed to generate 1,000 trolley petition signatures by the end of April. Read more about the petition drive by logging onto

Contact Jason Gloyd at or at 240-4996 for more information.

If you cannot join us this Saturday, plan on joining us at the same time and location on Saturday, April 18 and Saturday, April 25.



    Where are you clowns on this issue?
    Is that not a bigger waste of taxpayer dollars?

  2. It is inappropriate for you to have a person seeking petition signatures at Findlay Market, a place that will directly benefit from the Streetcar. If you are going to place a person at the Market, then you should be telling people who you are and what the petition is about. This past Saturday, all your person said was "Wanna sign a petition for the streetcar?" That's misleading. You should be ashamed.

  3. Whats the Trolley?
    Never heard of that one.
    Is that the ugly bus they have running around during the winter?
    I'll sign a petition banning that ugly thing.


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