Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Vote COAST for Best of Cincinnati!

COAST is nominated in 2 categories for CityBeat's annual Best of Cincinnati awards.

Please click here before March 1, 2009 to Vote, and type your email address in the top blank.

Local Activist, Select "Christopher Smitherman"
Local Elected Official, Select "City Councilman Chris Monzel"
Scandal, Select "NURFC Botches Inauguration"
Web Site, Select "gocoast.org"
Blog, Select "coast-usa.blogspot.com"

Use of Public Funds, Select "Have yet to see one!"

Scroll to the bottom and click "Submit your vote"
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  1. Does getting an honorable mention in 'City Beat' mean that have to go to a Northside eatery for a dinner of tofu and bean sprouts?

    Will we now have future cocktail parties at the Bull Finch?

  2. Kook,
    CityBeat's audience isn't usually reseptive to our message. But now that the big O's beginning to govern a bit like W, the demand for real freedom might surprise us.

    I wouldn't mind getting all the fiscal conservatives from Clifton, Northside, College Hill, Mt Airy, Elmwood, St. Bernard, etc together at the Gajah Wong West for a few drinks. Wait for the weather to break, and maybe we could talk Craig into letting us use the outdoor bar.

    Do you think we'd need one table or two? Set it up. First round's on me.

  3. Did I just spell "receptive" with an "s"?!? How embarrassing.

  4. Thanks Mark.

    Sounds great; let's do it and use their outdoor bar.

    I'll wear my deer-stalker hat, tweed sport coat w/ elbow sleeves; and, smoke a curved stem pipe while trying to act and look like an psuedo-intellectual.

    BTW, the gathering at Babes last week was fun.


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