Sunday, January 18, 2009

Now, a Government-paid Cell Phone

A new fundamental right to tax dollars emerges.

We know it sounds inconceivable, but a new government program now assures those on the public dole the right to a taxpayer-funded cell phone. We are not kidding. Read about it here.


  1. If you lose your job, your health insurance, and there is no one around to help you pay your bills-- I sure hope that this program still exists. Do you know anyone personaly that struggles everyday to be able to afford to feed themselves much less pay a phone bill? Any friends' of yours not able to go to the Dr for fear of the medical bills? Not everyone had access to the education you did. Not everyone has the privledge of owning summer homes. Some people do not even have running water much less your designer custom built sink. Some people in our country do not even have a roof over their heads. I dedicate my life to helping the human beings who go to sleep without.
    You think by ignoring people who are suffering they will disapear? It is your lack or compassion that makes it as bad as it is for them. I really care more about them being able to call a Dr or the police over wether or not you save enough on taxes to buy a new speed boat.

  2. Really?!?
    You want to assign the same moral equivalence to a CELL PHONE as we do to food, clothing and shelter?
    And you think it's somehow noble to confiscate the fruits of others' hard work to gove somebody else a free cell phone. How smug. How self-righteous.

    Tell you what. Why don't you go to the Sheriff's sale website and do some research. Please find the leading cause of homelessness among people who have recently owned a home.

    Not many people there losing heirloom estates over stock market losses. But there are a whole lot of hard working people barely making it until their taxes go up. Most poor people lose their houses for non-payment of property taxes.

    Government is the problem, not the solution.


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