Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bortz Opposes Bloated City Budget

Editorial hits Council democrats for wasteful spending.

In a bizarre procedural move, Cincinnati City Council passed its 2009 budget in December, and then later passed a second budget adding $917,000 in surprise spending without any public input or debate. Councilmember Bortz criticized liberal Council members for the wasteful, backdoor spending maneuver in this Enquirer guest editorial.

According to Bortz, “[t]he added spending was, in part, for more money for council and mayor staff; a neighborhood garden program; a raise for city workers; and new staff to advocate for cutting meat consumption, cold-water washing and air-drying of dishes - all paid for by increasing parking fines in our business districts and tapping the city's emergency reserves.”

The Enquirer later hammered the wasteful office spending here.

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  1. It's good to see Bortz coming around to be a good steward with tax dollars. Too bad he is the leading advocate for a downtown streetcar and supports increasing property taxes by allowing them to "rise naturally" with inflation.


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