Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dayton Daily News Flash: People allowed to speak freely in America!

Today's article from the Dayton Daily News is the latest in a series of disappointments from the formerly vaunted Fourth Estate.

In this article, the reporters bemoan the development that Ohioans have been freed -- as a result of COAST's groundbreaking litigation accomplishment -- to speak about candidates on the ballot without fear that they will be dragged before Ohio's Ministry of Truth, the Ohio Elections Commission.

Of course, the freedoms highlighted by the DDN are the fruits of the wisdom of our founding fathers some 225 years ago in freeing us from the shackles of monarchy, and recognizing the right of free speech in the Bill of Rights.  Thus, the surprise and apparent disappointment of the latest products of J-School is in itself disappointing.

That latest J-School graduates failed to appreciate their -- and our -- First Amendment freedoms is unfortunate.  That their editors did not catch their distain before committing it to print is inexcusable.

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