Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Cuyahoga County Red Light ban organizer says cameras are pure cash grab

"The sole purpose of photo-automated Red Light and Speeding cameras in Cleveland is to generate cash for the Red Light Camera company and the City of Cleveland," according to Jason Sonenshein, the Chairman of the local effort to ban the pernicious devices.  Sonenshein declares that the claimed public safety benefits are entirely illusory.

COAST encourages Cuyahoga County residents in Cleveland (Issue 35) and Maple Heights (Issue 99) to vote "Yes" on these issues on election day.

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  1. Cities that use the money grab ticket cameras will do almost anything to keep the flow of money grab loot from the cameras coming. Cleveland ha$ almo$t $ix million rea$on$ a year to keep the loot coming. Ticket cameras have lost 28 of 31 votes so far and 4 more votes are on the ballot for November 4th. On November 5th the score should be 32 losses for the cameras in 35 votes. Once residents see the true money grab purpose for ticket cameras, they almost always vote them out. Vote YES on 35 in Cleveland and vote YES on 99 in Maple Heights to end the camera scams. See our website for a lot of the research on how and why ticket cameras are money programs, not safety programs. James C. Walker, Life Member - National Motorists Association,


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