Thursday, May 22, 2014

David Pepper Embraces Obamacare Boondoggle

We here at COAST are not at all surprised to see prolific tax-hiker David A. Pepper express support for another big government disaster, but the rest of the state might be.  Yesterday, perennial candidate for office Pepper took to the airwaves to express his support for the biggest government boondoggle of our time - Obamacare.  You can hear him in his own words HERE.

Millionaire trust funder Pepper has a long and storied history of supporting projects that achieve little other than expanding the size of government while wasting the little guy's tax dollars in the process.  Whether it was the Pepper super-sized Hamilton County sales tax increase, or any number of other embarrassing government disasters, Pepper has dutifully hopped on board the ship as it was going down.  It seems his only criteria for support is a promise of increased government spending coupled with underwhelming results.  Why should Obamacare be any different?

COAST applauds David for showing his true colors to the voters of Ohio, who disapprove of Obamacare in record numbers.  We are pleased that Pepper has completely abandoned any pretense of being a moderate, common sense Democrat and has thrown all of his chips in with the radical far left wing of his Party.  It takes guts to take ownership of such a public failure, which is why no other statewide Democratic candidate for office has made a similar statement.  Kudos David!

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  1. When Pepper loses, again, will we finally be rid of him for good? How weak is the Democrats' bench that they have to continually roll out this election loser for yet another spanking year after year after year?


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