Thursday, May 8, 2014

COAST has arrived! Watergate weasel John Dean takes off after COAST -- "big-league deeply-funded conservative Ohio PAC"

We have endured the slings and arrows of our opponents claiming that we are "toast," "irrelevant," "insignificant," and "impotent."

But today, we have finally arrived.  Today, we learned from a major national figure that we are both "big-league" and "deeply funded," whatever those terms mean.

Read it here.

Noted Watergate weasel John Dean has uttered COAST's name in this "legal analysis and commentary" on, a well-know web site on legal issues.  Even better, he calls us a "big-league deeply funded conservative Ohio-PAC."  Really?

Apparently, John Dean's reverence for the truth has not changed in the decades since Watergate. Perhaps we should file a claim of a false statement at the Ohio Elections Commission for Dean lying once again!

Well, we may be "big league."  Not so sure.

But we certainly are not "deeply funded," as our publicly-available campaign finance reports will explain.  We have raised precious little money over our 15 years in existence, and almost none in the past two years.

This United States Supreme Court gig is a pretty good thing.  It has increased the exposure of our "irrelevant" little organization well beyond anything we deserve.  Imagine, a world-renowned creep disparaging our good name.  Oh, the humanity!

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