Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Triantafilou misses the mark....again

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Alex Triantafilou; December 3, 2011 - "Things would probably run better if we all just got along and disagreed respectfully."

Alex Triantafilou; December 7, 2011 - "I think Tom Brinkman just needs a job."

Is it any wonder why a growing number of Republican activists have tuned out Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou? Speaking for myself, I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth, and hypocritical statements like these are just one exhibit that explains why.

Earlier today former State Representative Tom Brinkman announced he is running for his old seat. As an American and Ohioan he has every right to run for office and let the voters decide whether he is the best choice. Triantafilou should welcome the entry of a good conservative into a race instead of making juvenile (and false) personal attacks, particularly after decrying such conduct just four days earlier.

When Triantafilou talks about people who need a job, could he be referring to his ex-wife Jennifer Triantafilou who magically got a taxpayer-funded job in Green Township that she is completely unqualified to hold? This position required a 4-year degree or five years local government experience. Jennifer Triantafilou has no local government experience and her highest level of education was completing an Electrocardiography certificate at Cincinnati State. Yet somehow she got the job over candidates who were actually qualified - even though she applied 11 days after the application deadline.

One elected official who played a key role in this blatantly corrupt hiring was then-Green Township Trustee Tracy Winkler. Lo and behold, when there was an opening for Hamilton County Clerk of Courts, Alex T's GOP selected the thoroughly unqualified Tracy Winkler for the position in an obvious quid pro quo. The full extent of Winkler's relevant experience is a short stint as a disrespectful and inept Trustee, whose township workforce is loaded with examples of nepotism and cronyism. Perhaps Winkler could also be who Alex T meant when referring to people needing a job.

Whether the party boss likes it or not, there will be a primary for 27th District State Representative. We can only hope this race will focus on issues that matter to Ohioans and not on petty personal attacks from a Chairman whose job performance as of late has been embarrassing at best.


  1. Don't forget about the hiring of John Kerry staffer Ashwin Corattiyil to be the Hamilton County Republican Party Political Director. Alex is so incompetent he can't even hire a Republican to work for the Republican Party.

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  3. I'm glad to see that COAST continues to connect and expose the "big picture" of the doings of the political class in Hamilton County - be they Republican or Democrat.

    As a Green Township resident, aware of and partly responsible for exposing the entitlement mentality and disgusting behavior of "endorsed" office holders, I can personally vouch for the accuracy of, at minimum, the Green Township portion of the blog entry.

    If you think "this can't happen here", or that the assertions made are "just politics", I encourage you to drop by my website: for some more enlightenment.


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