Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Red Light Cameras Banned in Garfield Heights, Ohio

With COAST assistance, the residents of Garfield Heights, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland) have joined four other Ohio cities in banning Red Light and speeding cameras.  Local organizers Frank Wagner, Ron Finnerty and Paul Long are given credit for leading this important win!  These local patriots also appear to have passed an initiative to repeal a trash tax similar to the one Cincinnati City Council presently is planning to implement next year.
            Read here how cities throughout the nation, including Houston, Texas, joined Cincinnati in opting against Big-Brotherism. Cleveland Plain Dealer Road Rant reporter John Horton reports here that cameras have been banned in 15 of 15 ballot issue voters over the past few years.  That’s a pretty strong record.
Garfield Heights campaign continues a creepy, Orwellian trend by the camera companies who share fine revenues with their host cities (like any good parasite). Redflex funded a massive opposition to Garfield’s ballot initiative. Elsewhere, American Traffic Solutions spent $1.75 million against Houston’s ballot issue and it was also soundly defeated.”


  1. At the beginning of last summer, I was biking from the parents house in Fairfield to Hamilton and rode past a sign that said "Red Light Cameras Enfored" or something to that effect. I haven't lived in the area in years, but I haven't seen any of those cameras in that city, just that one sign. What's going on there?

    I went to high school in Hamilton and commuted from Fairfield, but never saw any red light cameras. Although they do have them in Middletown as I know all too well.

  2. Stay tuned for further updates on that.

  3. I've seen them in Middletown as well.

  4. I've seen them in Middletown as well.

  5. Correct, they are in Middletown as well. So far, I've heard of no group there looking for assitance in getting rid them though.


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