Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Congratulations on inauguration

This week, COAST welcomes to public office, the following COAST-endorsed candidates:
In Columbus:  Governor Kasich and Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, Auditor David Yost, Attorney General Mike DeWine, Treasurer Josh Mandel, State Senator Shannon Jones, State Representatives Ronald Maag and Bob Mecklenborg and Ohio Board of Education member Debe Terhar. 
In Washington: our newest Senator Rob Portman and  returning Congressman Steve Chabot, who defeated COAST’s declared Public Enemy #1, Steve Driehaus (may he be retired from public office forever!).
In Hamilton County: Consistent conservative Chris Monzel replaces liberal spender David Pepper (may he also be retired from public office forever!)
COAST takes particular note of the fact that its 2009 Fundraiser headliner (John Kasich) and its 2010 Fundraiser speaker (Rob Portman) this week took the oath of office for the two top elected positions in/from Ohio.

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