Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quadruple Liberal Democrat Tax Whammy Coming

COAST predicts fate of taxpayers: We are screwed

State of Ohio moves to increase income taxes
Governor Ted Strickland, following rigidly in the footsteps of his failed predecessor Bob Taft, has steadfastly refused to reform state government and cut spending, opting instead for a slow descent into a rust-belt stagnation. Just before November’s election, the Democrat-controlled Ohio House endorsed Strickland’s plan to delay for two years the 4.2 percent income-tax cut that takes effect Jan. 1 to fill an $851 million budget hole. The GOP-controlled Senate gets to decide on the Republican option: higher taxes or finally reforming state government and reducing its size and scope. COAST is hopeful that the current Senate leadership may actually “get it” and hold the line on the growth in state government. Read more here.
COAST predicts the GOP holds the line.

Cincinnati City Manager, Mayor and Council plot and scheme for higher taxes
Mayor Mallory, aided by Manager Dohoney and a lame duck majority on Council are plotting to raise taxes during the 27-day lame duck session of the Council and in Council’s upcoming 2010 budget process. This summer, Manager Dohoney promised that Council would pursue new revenue after the election, and Finance Committee Chairman Laketa Cole intentionally delayed a vote on the continuation of the property tax rollback until after the election. On the agenda for the coming 60 days before Council are a property tax increase, a new trash tax, and a possible push for a general earnings tax hike.
COAST predicts democrats screw City taxpayers yet again.

Day of reckoning coming for Commission on Stadium Property Tax Rollback
As COAST reported here and here, Hamilton County’s Commission has foolishly over-spent on the Bengals stadium and the Banks project and underestimated the revenue to be derived form the sales tax. As a result, the fund maintained for bond repayments has a massive deficit. In August, County Commissioners were faced with a vote on the shortfall. They had a choice: finally cut over-spending or reverse the firmly promised tax rebate. They chose neither. Instead, they elected to take on an additional $5.5 million in debt and postpone the hard decisions until December or January. Well, that time for decision is here. COAST predicts our liberal, big-spending Commissioners will break their solemn promise and raise property taxes on Hamilton County’s beleaguered taxpayers, once again proving what a mistake it was to approve the stadium sales tax.
COAST predicts liberal democrats Pepper and Portune will break their solemn promise and shaft the taxpayers by eliminating the rollback.

And Cincinnati Public Schools wants yet another tax increase
On top of massive City and County tax increases, and in addition to absolutely massive tax increases in 2008 and 2009 resulting in a 22% increase in school taxes for City residents, officials at Cincinnati Public Schools announced only days after their latest levy victory that they are pushing yet another massive tax hike in 2010. We would say it is unbelievable, but it has become entirely too predictable. COAST expresses its deep appreciation for the efforts of challengers John Banner and Chris McConnell in running to bring fiscal sanity to the School Board and giving voice to school levy opponents.
COAST asserts that the CPS Board is wholly owned by the teacher’s union. To provide for massive union pay increases, COAST predicts the liberal democrat school board will again seek a tax hike. It will, of course, “be for the children.”

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