Wednesday, November 11, 2009

NoKY Tea Party for Oppressed CA Farmers

The Situation
In actions that can only be described as lacking the most basic humanity, the U.S. Congress has turned off the water to Central Valley farmers, leaving their land dry, their field's fallow, all in an effort to protect a small 2-inch minnow. You read that right, tens of thousands are now unemployed and waiting in food lines because of the federal government's decision to protect a fish.

The Effect
Not only do we have farmers out of work and on the verge of losing their farms, but this is the 'bread basket of America' and we ALL depend on these farmers for food. Unless legislation changes things in the next few weeks, it will be too late for the Farmers to get water for 2010 and we will begin importing 97% of our food.

In addition, if the environmental policy of the federal government can shut off irrigation water to thousands of acres in California and in so doing eliminate the American dream for tens of thousands of American farmers, what is to stop them from coming to your neighborhood, county or state and doing the same thing to you, your family or neighbors?

How Can We Help
The Tea Party Patriots have decided to take a "Farm Relief and Freedom Rally" road trip to CA and they are visiting Northern Kentucky on the way. Here are the details:
Date: Thursday, November 12, 2009
Time: 3:00pm - 8:00pm, Patriot Bus arriving at 5:00
Location: Richwood Flea Market
Street: 10915 Dixie Hwy
City/Town: Walton, KY
Harlene Holland - born in El Progreso, Honduras and now a U.S. citizen, she will address the forms of oppression she is now seeing and feeling in America that she saw in her youth.

Jim Waters - from Freedom Kentucky will address Cap and Trade
Health Care and the Copenhagen Treaty will also be addressed.


  1. solutely hilarious that your little flier/image says "Freedom Relay" and opposed to "Freedom Rally". Don't drop the red white and blue painted egg from the spoon during your three legged race!

  2. Can someone tell me where "Hondurash" is located on the map?

  3. Hondurash is outside of the City lmiits, much like the place where Bobby Maly lives.

  4. ^Or Chris the way what was the outcome of Issue 9?

    Oh, that's right...

  5. How's that trolley going so far Anon? Shore up all of those promised federal funds yet? We already know you failed to get any of the private funds that the City Administration promised.


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