Friday, October 24, 2008

COAST tours Ohio against Issue 5

COAST traveled the state during the last two weeks of September, spreading the word about the privacy violations in Ohio's legislation regulating consumer use of payday loans. A NO vote on Issue 5 repeals this bad legislation.

The legislation that Issue 5 will repeal creates a state-wide database of consumer loan transactions, monitors consumer loan choices, forces borrowers into mandatory re-education classes and limits the number of annual transactions. "The Ohio legislature has enacted a really creepy bill smacking of big-brotherism," said Jason Gloyd. "Once again, the Ohio legislature has voted for bigger, more intrusive government. Vote No on Issue 5."

COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd, Len Grothaus, Steve Dapper, Tom Brinkman and others traveled, alternately, to Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Toledo, Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown, Stuebenville, Canton, and Zanesville, garnering coverage from more than 25 major media outlets during the tour. The rallies attracted more than 25 participants in each City, resulting in a growth of COAST membership and e-mail database for its newsletter.

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  1. impressive results, men!!! Judging from the results, you really were persuasive.


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