Wednesday, October 15, 2008

COAST 2008 Issue Endorsements

COAST announces the following endorsements for 2008 ballot issues:

Ohio Issue 1 - NO. This is a cynical attempt by the state legislature to reduce citizen involvement in the process of governing by making it more difficult to place state issues on the ballot.

Ohio Issue 2 - NO. This is more excessive spending by the state, resulting in yet more burdens on the taxpayers to re-pay these bonds.

Ohio Issue 3 - YES. In a tough analysis, COAST encourages voters to support this initiative to protect Lake Erie property owners.

Ohio Issue 4 - This issue has been withdrawn, but COAST was opposed.

Ohio Issue 5 - NO. COAST supports this repeal of a bad and unnecessary law limiting lending choices for Ohio wage earners. Because this is a referendum on a legislative enactment, a "No" vote is required to vindicate the position of the citizenry in opposition to this law. The original legislative bill that Issue 5 repeals contains utterly Orwellian privacy violations, which COAST will highlight more as the campaign goes forward.
(2008-11-02 Update) This law not only limits interest rates on short term loans, but limits the number of loans a borrower may get per year. To enforce the limitation, Ohio will maintain a database of borrowers containing their personal financial information. State government has a terrible history of losing, mishandling, and compromising the privacy of private financial records. The law also requires frequent borrowers to undergo financial counselling at what amounts to a government reeducation camp. People should be free to conduct their financial affairs according to their individual needs. We don't need a nanny-state treating our citizens like children who can't tie their own shoes.

Ohio Issue 6 - NO. COAST was unanimous in opposing this bad initiative allowing for casino gambling at a single site in Clinton County, Ohio. Some COASTers oppose legalized gambling. Others recognized primarily that the tax revenues for state and local governments simply allow them to avoid the reality that the problem is excessive spending. Finally, all opposed the notion that the state would - by Constitutional Amendment - grant a gambling franchise to a single landowner in Clinton County. This cynical and greedy proposal should be rejected.

Issue 7 - YES. Cincinnatians need to vote "YES" to ban pernicious red light cameras pushed (repeatedly) by rapacious politicians. Vote YES to ban red light cameras permanently in Cincinnati.

Issue 8 YES. COAST endorses Proportional Representation for Cincinnati City Council elections. It is difficult to imagine electing a worse Council than at present. Further, this issue, as with Issue 7, was advanced by our partnership with the NAACP, Libertarians and the Green Party known as the WeDemandAVote.Com coalition, which is building bridges for progress in the City and County.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Jason Gloyd, COAST Chairman, (513) 240-4996.


  1. What ever happened to that rumored baby that DeWine's girlfriend was inconveniently carrying at the same time his wife was pregnant? Is DeWine telling the truth about his so-called pro-life beliefs? I do not think he is telling the truth. I think he is a liar.

  2. As far as I know it was just that; a rumor.

    I've discussed life issues with Pat over a beer a time or two and believe he is sincerely pro-life. If you have something that might cause me to change my mind, I'd love to hear it.

  3. Wow, it must really be hard to anonymously post rumors about someone's personal life online. Let me try. How courageous.

    Rumor is that Anonymous 10:58 has a heroin addiction. He's been pimping out his 17 year old daughter to pay for his beloved smack.

    Of course, I can't prove any of what I posted, but try to disprove it.


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