Sunday, April 20, 2014

It does not get any better than this

As those who follow COAST have seen, we have used all of the tools available to us that are legal, ethical, moral and possible to achieve our goal of transforming government in southwest Ohio and throughout the State to give more liberty to our citizens, and to reduce the size, reach and scope of government.

Towards that end, we have been aggressive, creative, and innovative.  We have used ballot issues, paid media, earned media, social media, traditional campaign techniques, and law suits.  We have pushed the envelope to transform our community from one bound up by big government, big unions, and big business in an all-too cozy relationship that oppresses the citizenry to one in which entrepreneurism and individual liberty prevails.  It drives the powers-that-be absolutely crazy.  And it has been by well-planned design, not happenstance.

We have killed the jail tax, red light cameras, the Water Works takeover, and the Parking Plot.  We have stopped CPS, Laure Quinlivan and the City of Cincinnati from abusing tax dollars for campaign purposes.  In short, we have upset the delicate balance of power in greater Cincinnati that for decades favored a relentless drive forward for bigger government and higher taxes.  And in response, we have stirred a hornet's nest of opposition and resentment from those who had designs on your wallet.

COAST has rained on the parade of the powers-that-were in Cincinnati.  We have had stunning political wins for a ragtag band of insurgents.  And today, as a result, we influence a broad spectrum of the political landscape in Cincinnati.  It has been a great run.

But all of this pales in contrast to COAST's latest venture -- at trip to the United States Supreme Court to kill Ohio's False Claims Statute and the pernicious (and obnoxious) enforcement of the same by the arrogant Ohio Elections Commission.  Read about it here.

An absolutely out-of-control OEC, immunized from its own outrageous conduct by the Federal District Courts, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Franklin County Common Pleas Court, has abused the rights of Ohio citizens engaged in political discourse for more than three decades.  It has been a reign of terror by an out-of-control public body, a modern-day inquisition, a Star Chamber, effectively sanctioned by the very Courts who should have clipped their wings long ago.

Well, their party is about to end, and it's going to take the adults on the United States Supreme Court to do it.  We anticipate a stunning rebuke of the bizarre and abusive practices of the OEC by the nation's highest Court.

Stay tuned Tuesday, and thereafter for the end of the Kafkaesque oppression foisted on the citizens of Ohio.

We confidently predict that it will be COAST's finest hour to date when the decision is issued.

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