Wednesday, November 6, 2013

COAST Kicks it at Polls

A quick rundown of our electoral successes:

Warren County: 
COASTer Kim Grant cruised to victory and a seat on the Kings Schools Board of Education;

COAST endorsed David Wallace took the top spot in the Hamilton Township Trustee race;

Hamilton County:
COAST endorsed candidates Josh Gerth and Andrew Pappas prevailed in the Anderson Township trustee race;

Amy Murray, Charlie Winburn and Christopher Smitherman will be on Cincinnati Council for the next four years (Great thinking Laure!);

Roxanne Qualls loses BIGTIME!

Laure Quinlivan heading to the unemployment line!

While we may have lost the battle on the Parking Plot, we definitely won the war as Roxie and LQ were saddled with their support of the parking deal and streetcar.


  1. "Cruised to victory?" Kim Grant won the third-most votes out of four by 100 votes. Getting in by 1.7% is not cruising.

  2. I wonder what happens if a City Council were to declare free parking in some or all neighborhoods by eliminating the parking restrictions to metered areas. Would that kill the parking deal?


  3. Yaay - goodbye Q's!

  4. Yaay! Goodbye Q's.

  5. Perhaps someone can explain to me how Ryan L. Messer, public mouthpiece for the sue the city over the streetcar cancellation, got a $436,100 mortgage on 116 W. 14th Street, which the Auditor values at $54,780 and which was reportedly purchased by Mr. Messer for $100,000 on November 28, 2011.

    Why does this smell?



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