Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kevin Osborne Uncovers Qualls Streetcar Profiteering

WCPO's Kevin Osborne uncovers questions regarding Roxanne Qualls' work as a real estate agent, specifically selling properties along the Streetcar route allowing her to profit from her votes on Council.

Recall that when John Cranley and Chris Bortz faced conflicts between their public duties and their private businesses, they requested Ethics Opinions from the Ohio Elections Commission. Thus far, Roxanne has not requested an opinion on the Ethics or legality of her actions.

Osborne discussed the issue with Brian Thomas on 55 KRC this morning, listen below.

As Brian Thomas said this morning:

"It is a reflection of character that you don't go ahead and do the right thing and ask for an ethics opinion upfront."

1 comment:

  1. Paging WCPO:
    Has Roxanne Qualls bought or sold property on behalf of her clients along the proposed Wasson Way trail over on the east side? Qualls supports the trail and money from the parking plan will pay for it. Property values will be increased if the trail is built as projected. Worth looking into by an intrepid reporter or two.


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