Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Please thank Governor Kasich for cutting streetcar funding!

Common sense returns to Ohio 

COAST was thrilled to see Mayor Mallory concede today that Governor Kasich is pulling state funding for the Cincinnati streetcar project.  

COAST asks that its members write to Governor Kasich and thank him for this bold, fresh, common sense approach to Ohio's and Cincinnati fiscal challenges.

This decision is a major win for streetcar opponents and is a direct result of your overwhelming grassroots efforts to defeat streetcar funding.  Opponents of the streetcar flooded Ohio's Department of Transportation with more than 2,000 letters and e-mails opposing state funding for this boondoggle.  

Unfortunately, you would think this would be the final nail in the coffin of the ill-conceived streetcar project, but unfortunately it just is not so.   

First, Mayor Mallory continues to lobby federal officials for more streetcar funds.  Second, Mallory told the Enquirer today that he still intends to finish the streetcar project. Finally, perhaps as early as today, Cincinnati City Council plans to vote on accepting state and federal funding for the project (yeah, even if it is going to be yanked).  If they City signs a contract with the federal government for its $25 million grant, it will require the City to operate the streetcar at a loss for 35+ years. 

All of this is in spite of the fact that (i) the City does not have the capital funds to build the project, (ii) the City has no plan and no monies to fund the $10 million operating deficit, and (iii) there already have been more than $15 million in cost overruns identified, all of which must come from the City's general fund.  Finally, only 28% of City residents think the streetcar project is a good idea.

Call your Council member today (352-3000) to ask them to oppose the approval of the acceptance of the state and federal grants. Cecil Thomas (352-3499) seems to be the most on the fence.

Thank you Governor Kasich for saving us from these politicians bent on bankrupting the City.


  1. Thanks for nothing Kasich. Now we'll have to pay for our own streetcar while you use that money for garbage like roads and bridges. It's not fair! We deserve a streetcar and we shouldn't have to pay for it.

  2. Thank you COAST for once again spreading misinformation. The federal money being distributed to the streetcar project does not affect the state budget. If it is not used on the streetcar, it will go toward a lesser priority more costly road project. A road project, that unlike the streetcar, has little to no ability to regain the money spent (unless you want higher gas tax). I hope you all are proud of your ability to deny facts on a regular basis. I just wish your followers would wake up and realize your persistant malfeasance.

  3. "a lesser priority more costly road project"

    You mean things like bridges and roads?

  4. Yes -- like the Brent Spence bridgedoggle so that John Kasich can do his Republican duty of both increasing the State of Ohio's budget to the largest in history while at the same time subsidizing suburbanization into Northern Kentucky with money once earmarked to encourage people to move into urban Cincinnati.

  5. So, we should thank Kasich for injecting himself into the process where he doesn't belong? Nice way to throw out due process in favor of crony capitalism. Let's see, 58 million that would benefit us will now be used to pave roads in Kasich's district, and the new Transportation Czar is from the asphalt industry. Glad to know you guys care about the issues rather than just shoveling your tax money into profits for private interest.


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