Friday, December 10, 2010

Berding auctions off his principles

The overriding message in Jeff Berding's campaign materials and video appearances (like the one above) is that citizen safety comes first. And for a while he actually voted that way.

So what changed? Why is he now selling-out public safety and the same police and firefighters who fought for his election in favor of a streetcar that nobody needs and only a few people want?

FOP President Kathy Harrell asked him during a recent closed-door meeting specifically why he became the fifth vote for the streetcar after promising in his endorsement interview not to unless the project was completely funded by federal grants. He answered that Mayor Mallory strong-armed him into committing local dollars to the streetcar in exchange for bringing Berding's Port Authority give-away to a vote.

There you have it. Berding agreed to support Mallory's boondoggle, if Mallory would agree to support Berding's boondoggle. Berding auctioned of his principles, and financed the sale with your tax money.

Let Councilmember Berding know your safety isn't worth trading for a streetcar. Write him at or call his office at 352-3283 or his city-paid cell phone at 378-0245.

Every City elected official has, at some point in their career, sought a higher office outside the city. Therefore it is important for all you county and suburban residents to weigh-in on this matter too. You can't vote against Jeff now, but you will have to someday. You might as well inform him of his future prospects while he can still rectify his mistakes.


  1. Bengal Berding was for the police, until he was against them. Will Bengal Berding be suing me for saying that?

  2. Anton says:

    Mike Brown's butt boy is just a liar just like he has been called. It makes me want to get a bottle of Lysol and go down there as clean out the slime from Room 348. Yuck, Berding, can't wait until you are soooo gone.

    Now who is that twerp at the Taft firm who embarrassed himself and the firm? Aaron Herzogski turns out to be one of the Bengals lawyers. Big surprise. I think everyone can tell he has been in practice like two years. What was the first clue? His grammatical errors in the letter or writing it in the first place.

  3. Because Michael it's all the same guy.

  4. Ok you degenerate COASTers (and your minority friends), if you don't stop attacking Berding I'm going to ANOTHER racist editorial to the Enquirer criticizing conservatives and minorities for not knowing their role. We know what is best around here. Fall in line.

  5. Anton sez:

    I could be wrong, but I'm betting that a referendum on prohibiting the funding the future operations of the streetcar with City operating funds would pass pretty easily this year.

    The only thing better than scrapping the plans to build the streetcar would be de-funding it so it sits rusting and inoperative just like the subway. A $100 million object lesson.


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