Monday, November 1, 2010

Vote Kasich; he'll kill "high speed" pork

Who was it that said insanity is expecting a different outcome from identical inputs?

Ohio is facing a $9 billion deficit which will result in deep cuts to education and safety. We got into this hole by overspending on frivolous things. Now Governor Strickland wants to waste even more money to revive a 39 MPH train that died from lack of use in 1976, one which voters have rejected at the polls four times.

Spending your way out of a deficit is like eating yourself out of obesity. Kasich gets this and wants to cut the pork. If elected, he promises to kill the 3C Snail Rail Boondoggle.

Robert Samuelson says:
"Somehow, it's become fashionable to think that high-speed trains connecting major cities will help "save the planet." They won't. They're a perfect example of wasteful spending masquerading as a respectable social cause. They would further burden already overburdened governments and drain dollars from worthier programs -- schools, defense, research."

"President Obama calls high-speed rail essential "infrastructure" when it's actually old-fashioned "pork barrel." The interesting question is why it retains its intellectual respectability. The answer, it seems, is willful ignorance. People prefer fashionable make-believe to distasteful realities. They imagine public benefits that don't exist and ignore costs that do."
"The absurdity is apparent. High-speed rail would subsidize a tiny group of travelers and do little else. If states want these projects, they should pay all costs because there are no meaningful national gains. The administration's championing and subsidies -- with money that worsens long-term budget deficits -- represent shortsighted, thoughtless government at its worst. It's a triumph of politically expedient fiction over logic and evidence. With governments everywhere pressed for funds, how can anyone justify a program whose main effect will simply be to make matters worse?"
How indeed. It's time to make matters better. To change the outcome, we need to change the governor. Elect John Kasich and Mary Taylor.


  1. Hey Joe M and other rail freaks.
    3C is dead! Never going to happen! God bless GOVERNOR Kasich!


    Your tears taste soooooo sweet.

  2. The wind blowing by from the streetcars will be enough to dry those tears.

  3. Hey Fris - has one foot of trolley track even been laid yet? Nope. Enjoy the loss.

  4. Bris, it would be laid, but the expert campaigning of Chris Smitherman and Tom Luken got Issue 9 passed. Oh it didn't.

    Keep rubbing it in about the 3C all you want, the streetcar on the other hand is coming.

  5. Oh, I'll keep rubbing it in. You win some and you lose some. The fact remains though that Kasich and a Republican controlled State legislature are burying your beloved precious 3C slow-train to nowhere. It will never, ever, ever happen. Never, ever, ever.

    The fact also remains that not one foot of track has been laid yet for the inner-city choo choo trolley. You don't have Lil Stevie Driehaus begging at Obama's doorstep for funding any more. You don't have Governor Teddy Boy Strickland kissing ass for grant money for trolley choo choos. You have a City budget that is again $60 million in the red for next year. You have a Republican Congress hell-bent on cutting costs, much of which will include what they perceive to be silly grants for dumb projects like streetcars.

    Have fun wistfully waiting for that first trolley ride. you might want to book a trip to Portland instead. Maybe you can catch an Amtrak train there.


  6. You meanies are horrible! We need that 3-C rail as much as we need the streetcar. If Mayor Mallory was here right now instead of vacationing in China he'd rip you COASTers a new one!


  7. Brad Thomas imposter,

    Mayor Mallory isn't on vacation in China, he was at Fountain Square today showing off the modern streetcar on display.

  8. Anonymous choo choo psycho,

    After Mayor do nothing walked through the shiny new 99% white urban professional streetcar demonstration he high-tailed it to China.


    Oh yeah, ps, 3C will never happen. It's dead and will never, ever, ever happen. Never, ever. Thank you GOVERNOR Kasich.

  9. Mallory's White MonkeyNovember 7, 2010 at 10:58 AM

    I am so happy that my beloved Mayor Mallory is visiting China again. With a $60 million budget shortfall and a staggering pension crisis, now more than ever we need a Mayor to keep tabs on what's happening in China.


    Brad Thomas

  10. was "39 MPH" the main objection?

  11. The Losantiville ObserverNovember 7, 2010 at 7:07 PM

    Dear COAST, why do you let your blog degrade into constant posts by imposters who hurl insults at each other, your own members and make baseless statements about race while constantly dishing out profanity? You yourselves are a respectable organization, yet your blog looks like its overrun with myspace bullies from the 5th grade.

  12. Bris the Blue Ash Race MongerNovember 7, 2010 at 7:15 PM

    Bris can't find any decent argument against the streetcar since his pathetic Issue 9 attempt failed, so he makes it a race issue. Wah Wah Wah.

    Bris, do you have a problem with COAST's White Christmas party's too?

    Not named for the Bing Crosby song, but for the fact that finding a minority at a COAST Christmas Party is even more challenging than playing "Where's Waldo," simply because you can never find Waldo.

    I'm sure Bris will have some great response to this: "Shove it Bris Chortz wannabe, governor kasich killed the 3C, he killed it, HA HA HA."

    That's fine, we've all accepted that Kasich plans to kill the 3C. Let him, he'll be the governor. Hell, I even voted for him. The streetcar is coming though and there's not a damn thing Bris and his boys can do about it but bitch and complain on here.

  13. Hey Bris the Blue Ash Race Monger, what are you talking about? COAST does a lot of work with minorities! I'm one. I'm the leader of the NAACP and I'm an incredibly articulate, smart and well respected member of the community. I accomplished a lot when I was on council. I got so much done that they didn't re-elect me because they knew I got it all done. When I'm not writing on the internet about conspiracies with how the city contaminates my water, I'm helping COAST win ballot initiatives!

    High five!

  14. Wow, talk about race baiting! The last two posts are so typical of this town's liberal Democrats, who just looooove those minorities as long as they shut up and do what they're told.

  15. Her Majesty Virginia RhodesNovember 8, 2010 at 8:55 AM

    Hey what are you talking about RFK? I provided those minority students a Democratic sample ballot, then gave each one of them a free ice cream cone! What have you COAST people done for a minority lately?

  16. Mobby Baly the White SupremacistNovember 8, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    Yeah, almost as homogenous as the all white Cincinnatians 4 Progress Holiday Party.

    Funny how all of those African Americans you profess to care about weren't allowed to come to your all white streetcar bash.

    So streetcar freaks,
    Where is the additional $14 million you need for the choo choo for all white urban professionals going to come from? State of Ohio? Ha! Not with a Republican controlled legislature and Governor. From the Feds? Ha! Good luck getting that past the cost cutters in congress, especially with your home Congressman vehemently opposing funding.

    Have fun digging up the $14 million. The trolley may go the way of Strickland's 3C slooooow train.

  17. Cincinnatians for Progress was run by a black guy. Racist indeed.

  18. Wait a minute, black people will be allowed on the streetcar????

    Screw it, I'll stick to my Audi.

  19. Hi, I'm looking for the COAST blog. Anyone seen it?

  20. Mallory's Council SlaveNovember 9, 2010 at 1:39 PM

    Don't worry, we'll just borrow the last $14 million! We've already borrowed $65 million for this project so what's another $14 million? In my world, bonds don't have to be paid back. It's free money just like the federal government grants!

    Laure Quinlivin, reporting to you (from the Mallory compound)

  21. Hurray! Kasich is gonna let 400 million go to NY instead of create jobs here in Ohio. Yippee!

  22. Kasich is saving Ohio $17 million/year in operating costs that we don't have. That "free" money isn't quite so attractive when it costs us so much.

  23. Those are jobs that would be paid for with taxpayer dolars that we already don't have, yippee! Thank god Governor Kasich has some common sense.



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