Saturday, October 2, 2010

COAST 2010 Sample Ballot

COAST hereby issues its 2010 candidates and issue endorsements. Please remember that the early voting period in Ohio began 09/28. You can vote at your County's Board of Elections from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. We encourage you to take advantage of the early voting option.

US Senator - Rob Portman
US Congress, 1st District - Steve Chabot (New ad linked here)
US Congress, 2nd District - Marc Johnston
Ohio Governor - John Kasich
Ohio Attorney General - Mike DeWine (New ad linked here)
Ohio Auditor - Dave Yost
Ohio Secretary of State - Charlie Earl
Ohio Treasurer - Josh Mandel
Ohio 7th Senate District - Shannon Jones
Ohio 28th House District - Mike Wilson
Ohio 30th House District - Bob Mecklenborg
Ohio 31st House District - Mike Robison
Ohio 32nd House District - Erik Nebergall
Ohio 33rd House District - Jim Stith
Ohio 35th House District - Ron Maag
Ohio 54th House District - Arnold Engel
Ohio Board of Education, District 3 - Mark Haverkos
Ohio Board of Education, District 4 - Debe Terhar
Hamilton County Commissioner - Chris Monzel
Hamilton County Auditor - Tom Brinkman
Oppose Sycamore School Tax

Absentee Ballot Requests Available Online!
If you live in Hamilton County, CLICK HERE  or call 513-632-7039.
If you live in Clermont County, CLICK HERE or call 513-732-7375
If you live in Butler County, CLICK HERE or call 513-887-3700.

Please take a few moments to fill this out and send it to the Board of Elections. Mailing instructions are on the application.

Or vote in person at your polling place on Tuesday, November 2nd!


  1. Good, solid endorsements. COAST did an excellent job of picking viable conservatives where possible so we can elect limited government allies, and utilizing 3rd Party and no endorsement options when necessary. We'll be in great shape if these candidates win.

  2. Hey Gordy -

    Why don't you give us your endorsements. We'll meet back here on November 3rd to discuss how crappy your candidates did.

  3. I support:

    Barack Obama
    Turn Around Ted Strickland
    David Pepper
    Connie Pillich
    Liz Ping
    Jim Tarbell
    Double Dipping Dusty Rhodes

    These people will continue to raise my taxes and continue the robust economic growth our state has experienced under Democratic rule. Vote Democratic!

  4. More creativity from COAST's finest.

    I actually am not a fan of Barack Obama, see a post on that here:

    Nor do I support that shill, "clown," Obama supporter that COAST is in bed with aka Chris Smitherman.

    Jim Tarbell is a good candidate and I'd support just about anybody against that comedian Chris Monzel. Watching him in the council meetings is always a great way to get a laugh without spending the money on a comedy club or wasting my time watching Jersey Shore since he's about as intelligent as "Snookie."

  5. I'm sorry, that comment about Monzel was pretty low. He's nowhere near as funny as Tom Luken.

  6. Those of us in the Milford area are interested in COAST's endorsements for Ohio House Dist. 66 and Ohio Senate Dist. 14.

  7. ^ Ohio Senate District 14 is not up for election this time around.

    Ohio House District 66 is a great race. Democrats are so uncompetitive, they usually don't bother fielding a candidate for that seat. Today we have Libertarian Barry Cox versus Republican Joe Uecker.

    Both candidates profess that they will lower taxes and reduce spending. Both say they'll be hawkish against new regulations and any expansions of government.

    We haven't see enough of a difference to justify endorsing one over the other. Go with your gut on this one, it'll be alright either way.

  8. Thanks for the input!

    - Milford Republican

  9. Hahaha - Gordon endorses Jim Tarbell, and has the gall to say that Monzel is a comedian. Tarbell is the goofiest loon we've had in elected office for some time. Look forward to seeing you back on November 3rd Gordy so I can rub your 0% prediction rate in your face.

  10. Good call considering I never predicted anything. All I said was that I liked Tarbell over Monzel, not that I predicted he was going to win.

  11. So in other words you won't be making any endorsements, because you know the vast majority of the fools you pick will be losing. Thanks for clearing that up.

  12. Nostradamus,

    Gordon isn't interested in all of that. He would much rather snipe at a candidate on COAST's endorsed list with name-calling and personal attacks.

    Yes, Gordon reads the COAST blog daily and is one of the most frequent commenter, even though he wants us to believe that COAST is irrelevant.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Actually Nostradamus, or Bris, or Bim or whatever name you're using today...

    I'm not "endorsing" anyone, because half the races don't affect me and quite a few of them, I actually agree with COAST on. However, my original comment about Arnold Engel stems from growing up in Fairfield where that moron sat on the school board, accomplishing nothing and never really bringing about the fiscal conservative mentality he tried so hard to claim he would.

  15. Thank you, COAST! You took a chance with my campaign and I appreciate it. I hope to live up to your faith in me.


  16. This is one horrible list of endorsements. Not a tax hiker in the bunch. How could we ever get our big tax increases through if this gang got elected?

    We especially want you to vote against Steve Chabot, Chris Monzel and Tom Brinkman. Nobody has done more than those 3 bums to keep your taxes from going up. Over the next 3 weeks we will be releasing our own pro-tax endorsements on our website. Great tax hikers like Jon Husted and Jean Schmidt. We need to elect candidates like them who will raise our taxes.

  17. The Old Hag of Blue AshOctober 10, 2010 at 10:45 AM

    Shouldn't there be more pro-abortionists here? We need to kill more babies. Love,

    Stephanie Stoller,
    Proudly doing nothing for the citizens of Blue Ash for 40 years


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