Thursday, December 4, 2008

Amelia Residents Fight Back

Sufficient Signatures Collected to Dissolve Village

Responding to Council’s threats to implement a City earnings tax to subsidize their over-spending, residents of the Village of Amelia have collected enough signatures to place a ballot issue before the voters to dissolve the Village.

Amelia resident Pam Barker headed a citizens committee appointed by the Mayor to identify solutions to the Village’s budget problems. Instead of rubber stamping a request for a tax increase, the Committee recommended (gasp!) spending cuts.

The Council rejected the recommended cuts and instead took steps to implement a first-time-ever earnings tax.

In response, a citizens group headed by Barker has collected signatures from more than half of the electors in the community and will submit them later this month. COAST attorneys Curt Hartman and Chris Finney are assisting the effort.

2009-01-31 UPDATE: Enquirer Reports that more enough signatures were certified by the Board of Elections to place the measure on the ballot.

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  1. Actually, the village council did enact some of the recommendations from the committee.


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