Thursday, July 3, 2008

County Commissioners again consider sales tax increase

After having been rebuffed by the voters twice in two years on sales tax hikes, liberal democrat County Commissioners David Pepper and Todd Portune are again floating trial balloons about raising the County sales to fund their deficit spending.

The issue will be developed further as the budget crisis at the County deepens due to the Commissioners’ profligate mis-spending.

In 2006, a bi-partisan Commission placed a ¼¢, $275 million sales tax increase before the voters and it was rejected by 57% of the electorate. In 2007, the liberal democrat Commission imposed a ½¢, $777 million sales tax increase (known as the “Super-Sized Jail Tax”) without a public vote.

A heroic, against-all-odds effort by the NAACP, COAST, Green Party, Libertarian Party, Cincinnati Progressive Action and others placed the issue before the voters. After $1 million in spending by levy proponents, including $90,000 from David Pepper’s own family, the Pepper-Portune Super-Sized Jail Tax was likewise rejected by 56% of the voters.

Exactly what part of “NO” do Commissioners Pepper and Portune not understand?


  1. ell portune and pepper NO to a sales tax and I will fight again to stop them. Cut their budgets and have leis get rid of one of his helicopters. Give it to butler county and let them pay for it.

  2. It's time elected officials start listening to the PEOPLE. We have said NO, NO, NO to increased taxes. If something needs to be taxed why not increase taxes on alcohol and tobacco products. The commissioners should LISTEN to the people for once.


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