Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Streetcar Electric Tax on Death-bed - Public Input Pays Off

Yesterday Duke and the other parties to the PUCO rate case released their agreed "Stipulation and Recommendation." Available below.

Included was an agreement to accept the PUCO staff recommendation and the hundreds of letters and public comments, that the Streetcar tax be denied.

This rate case attracted possibly the most public comments and attention of any rate case in PUCO history. COASTers and the many others who submitted their comments either electronically, in writing, or in person at the public hearings should be proud of their efforts; and thrilled at this victory!

This is a victory for the little guy and leaves the pending lawsuit as the final step in stopping another crucial funding source for the Streetcar Boondoggle. That case is currently in the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, Case Number A1301131.

COAST along with the Office of Consumers' Counsel, and many others, recognized that the Facilities Rider was intended to pass the cost of the Streetcar relocations onto ratepayers.  The Office of Consumers' Counsel identified how the FRT rider (The Streetcar Tax) would have passed these costs onto non-Cincinnati ratepayers when applied in conjunction with the longstanding non-collectibles rider.

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