Monday, April 15, 2013

Parking Plot Petitions Transmitted to Board of Elections Today

It was ten days ago that the broad coalition opposed to Mayor Mallory's pernicious Parking Plot submitted 19,803 signatures to the City Finance Director.  Today is the day that those signatures are transmitted to the Board of Elections to be checked for validity, and to see if we obtained the requisite 8,729 valid signatures legally required for ballot access this fall.

Under Ohio law, after the petitions are turned in, they must be held for public inspection at City Hall for seven days.
Then, they are sent to the Board of Elections for verification.  The Board of Elections has said their work should take no more than 10 days.  Thus, we expect confirmation of legal sufficiency for ballot access by Monday the 22nd of April.  

Today marks that important "next step" in the process.

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