Monday, April 1, 2013

Are the Looming Layoffs Just a Political Ploy?

Mayor Mallory and City Manager Dohoney continue their cries that layoffs are looming, that police and firefighters will be decimated if a solution to Cincinnati's budget is not found soon.

If that was the case, you'd think Council would be burning the midnight oil to find a solution.

But no, Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls and Mayor Mallory have decided to cancel today's budget committee meeting so they can march in a parade and watch a baseball game. Where would Cincinnati be without these selfless leaders??

So the question becomes. Is Mayoral Candidate Roxanne Qualls so completely unwilling to work to solve Cincinnati's fiscal crisis, so hellbent on creating a crisis that she would cancel a crucial budget meeting? Or does she know that the cries of layoffs are just political theater?

Either way, it's clear that Cincinnati can do better than the Qualls brand of shameless demagoguery.

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