Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mallory staff raise gaffe sets internet afire

Sometimes big things slip through with little outrage, and sometimes small things start a brushfire that topples a regime.

Is it just the luck of the draw, the pent-up flood of frustration unleashed, the culmination of the slow and steady loss of credibility, or simple bad timing?  We may never know how these things work.  Likely it is a little bit of all of the foregoing.

But we do know that after eight years as Mayor, six years of pushing the Streetcar, five years of ignoring the pension deficit, and five months of lies and nonsense on the Parking Plot, the internet lit up today with reportage and invective from Cincinnatians incensed by the Mayor giving his staff double-digit raises on the same day he was holding a "Pink Slip" press conference threatening to lay off hundreds of public safety employees.

Above is art some creative soul pasted on Facebook this morning.  Read the Enquirer comments on the story here.  And read the linked stories on City Beat, WLWT, WCPO, and WXIX here.  WLW is here.

It's a perfect lead-in to the Qualls Streetcar hearings next week, and the looming layoffs of City personnel on June 6.



  1. Like the Enquirer, ya like to ignore the facts:

    "In addition, I have enacted internal savings in order to return $20,000 from my FY 2013 office budget to be used for the FY 2014 city budget. Finally, in preparation of the Mayor’s Office Budget for FY 2014, I am reducing my office budget by $33,000 for the remaining 5 months of my term."

  2. Not sure what this has to do with anything. What all of the sudden did these employees to do warrant a massive increase in their salaries. The answer is that the Mayor is friendly to them, on his way out the door, and utterly unconcerned about his duty to protect the public fisc.

    It also appears he has a death wish for Rozanne Qualls mayoral bid, and the political futures of his loyal cadre backing him on Council, Quinlivan, Thomas, Young, Simpson, and Seelbach.

    That the voters have revulsion at what's transpiring at City Hall is apparent. Whether they act on that with specifics against offending officeholders is yet to be seen.


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