Monday, February 18, 2013

Enquirer Misses Important Facts

Cindi Andrews at the Enquirer has an article reviewing the latest of the Cincinnati Streetcar Boondoggle and the Duke PUCO case.

Ms. Andrews states "Many are non-city residents who mistakenly think they’re being asked to pay the estimated $15 million cost to move utility lines out of the rails’ way."

Sorry Ms. Andrews, but unfortunately, those non-city residents are not mistaken. As Ohio's Office of Consumers' Counsel rightly points out in its Objections to the Staff Report:

3) to the extent that the citizens of the governmental entity would not pay their electric bill, the Rider FRT portion of that bill would be collected from all other Duke customers through the uncollectible rider.
So yes, the proposed rider, FRT, would result in non-city residents being charged for the Streetcar relocation costs. Read more analysis of the OCC letter here.

Ms. Andrews also states that the agreement between Cincinnati and Duke would somehow preclude the collection of the Streetcar Electric Tax for the initial streetcar development. We'd like to see exactly where that is in the agreement.

Read the OCC's full comment regarding the Streetcar Electric Tax below.

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