Saturday, February 2, 2013

Christopher Smitherman and Marc Amazon

Friday night, Marc Amazon hosted Cincinnati NAACP President and City Council member Christopher Smitherman. Up for discussion: the Streetcar; the Mayor's "deal" with Duke on the Streetcar Utility Relocation Costs; the Duke PUCO proposal to add a "Streetcar Tax" to Cincinnati Electric bills; the upcoming mayoral and council races; and much more.

Smitherman has been the greatest single advocate for fiscal sanity on City council the past few years; providing a much needed voice in favor of responsible stewardship of public resources.

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Don't forget to submit your comment on the Duke Streetcar Tax here.

Remember to include "Case No.12-1682-EL-AIR" in your comment.

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  1. With respect to Chris Smitherman, "a stopped clock is right twice a day."


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