Friday, February 22, 2013

Enquirer Gets it Wrong...Again!

In a recent unsigned editorial, the Enquirer did their usual handwringing, blathery commentary; ultimately calling for a stop to the investigation into Franklin City Schools' blatant abuse of public resources.

In the piece, here, the Enquirer noted that "school leaders are usually hyper-aware about staying apolitical in their communications."

That would be all well and good if that was the situation here. As the email below demonstrates, this was not a mere accidental stepping over the line, this was a calculated, in your face, political ad masquerading as an informative letter from the Superintendent.

A member of the community, in a friendly, professional email, pointed out that the communication violated state law. A member of the school board, rather than respond in kind, mocked the emailer in emails to the Superintendent. Hardly the sort of email that screams "hyper aware of staying apolitical."

Unfortunately, Warren County Prosecutor, David Fornshell, has ended the investigation - prematurely in our minds.

COAST will continued to follow this and the many similar instances of public officials misusing public resources for political purposes.

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