Tuesday, April 6, 2010

COAST Endorses Sandy O'Brien for Secretary of State

COAST announces its endorsement of Sandra O'Brien for the Republican nomination for Ohio Secretary of State. She is running in the state-wide Republican primary election on May 4, 2010.
According to COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd, "O'Brien is supremely qualified to be Ohio's Chief Elections Officer, bringing to the table knowledge of the electoral process and exceptional integrity."

Among other duties, the Secretary of State is Ohio's Chief Elections Officer, assures that Ohio's elections are properly conducted. The current Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner, has made a mockery of the elections system that is supposed to be non-partisan and fair during her four years in office. Just this week, Ohio's Supreme Court ruled that Brunner "abused her discretion" and "clearly disregarded applicable law" in an important elections decision. Last month, the Ohio Supreme Court was ordered that Brunner cease its illegal attempts to "investigate" the committee advancing a ballot issue allowing slots at racetracks. Thus, it is clear that proper use of the of the powers of the Secretary of State is important to everyone who values fair elections.

As a bonus for Ohio's taxpayers, Sandy O'Brien is an accomplished fighter against wasteful government and excessive taxation. She is a particular favorite of COAST, having assisted us repeatedly over the years in many battles against out-of-control spending.

In 2006, O'Brien defeated the Ohio Treasurer candidate hand-picked by Governor Bob Taft, a nice parting gift for our disgraced former Governor.

In 2007, O'Brien came to Cincinnati to rally forces against the Portune/Pepper Super-Sized Jail Tax at a critical moment in the campaign. There, O'Brien shared with the crowd her leadership in defeating a similar tax in Ashtabula County a few years earlier. Her words inspired WeDemandAVote.Com petitioners to gather the 56,951 signatures needed to place the sales tax before the voters.

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