Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rep. Louis Blessing on the 3-C Great Train Robbery


  1. Amber Burke RinogardApril 15, 2010 at 11:49 PM

    I was for this plan before I was against it. It's election time. I'm a conservative now, right Joe? Pay no attention to the fact that my pro-streetcar Issue 9 stance made the possibility of the 3-C boondoggle a reality.

  2. Glad to see Rep. Blessing is looking out for all the other cities and not a single person in Ohio. We'll just throw that stimulus money away which we could use towards job creation and transportation, its more important it goes to other cities anyways. Typical Republican shortsightedness. It's nice they oppose every little thing the Democrats do, however, start to propose something new. This rash of constant opposition to everything isn't winning anyone over with the Republicans.

    Good thing we'll have Issue 9 here in Cincinnati so we'll have to vote on the train. Wait, COAST said Issue 9 wouldn't cover the 3C, but then they did, but then they didn't.

    Oh wait! Issue 9 failed, nevermind.

    Maybe when Blessing loses his next election he can go on to be an amateur short film maker.

  3. Blessing averages 60% victories in his Statehouse/State Senate races. I'm pretty sure he isn't worried about losing because a leftist YP snob like you opposes him.

  4. "This rash of constant opposition to everything isn't winning anyone over with the Republicans."

    Perhaps you should take a look at the polls. Republicans lead their Democratic counterparts in:
    1) Generic Congressional Ballot
    2) Ohio House First District
    3) Ohio Governor
    4) US Senator for Ohio

    Further, in Hamilton County People switching to the republican Party are outpacing people switching to the Democrat Party at a rate of 9-1

    Oh yeah, please please keep hanging your hat on Issue 9. You eeked out a 12 point victory by outspending your opponents 100-1 on a left wing issue in a city where Democrats ounumber Republicans by nearly 50% points. Congrats on that stunning victory. Haha.

    That reminds me, have the tracks been laid yet for the streetcar? Is 3-C going to survive a vote in the Ohio legislature? Funny that your humongous victory is yielding absolutely zero returns. No rail boondoggles in the City of Cincinnati or the State of Ohio. Again, congrats.

  5. Hey am I mayor or did I lose?

  6. Hey, did I only get 54% of the vote in a City that is 75% Democrat while facing a political newcomer that I outspent by massive amounts? Is that a smashing victory?

  7. Hey, are there any tax increases that I can vote for this November? As you may recall, I voted for every single tax levy on the ballot in 2009.

  8. Yes, please come support the big Princeton Property Tax increase on the ballot May 4th. I have proudly endorsed this necessary tax hike, just like I always do.


    Virgil Lovitt
    2008 Tax Hiker of the Year

  9. A win is a win is a win.

  10. If we reject the 3C's stimulus funds, they will go to another state. So no capital money is saved by Ohio taxpayers by not accepting the funds. Ohio's operating deficit of $17~ million amounts to less than $2 for each man, woman, and child.

    Meanwhile, ODOT spends $5 billion per year on road construction and maintenance, of which only $4 billion is covered by user fees. *That's* the account COAST should be attacking.

  11. If $17 million is such a pitttance then let the people who are going to ride the slooooow train pay for it themselves by increasing the ticket price. You could eliminate the operating deficit overnight. Of course you won't agree to that because people like you only want to use rail transit if you can dip into your neighbors' pockets to pay for your travel.

  12. Kind of like how Bim Turke is ok with dipping into his neighbors pockets to pay for ODOT's roads.

  13. Drivers pay for the roads Gordon with this little thing called the gas tax. You have a federal gas tax and a state gas tax specifically put in place for road construction and upkeep. USERS of roads PAY FOR ROADS. Let users of rail pay for rail.

  14. Someone should propose a $17 million rail passenger tax. I'd vote for it, just like I voted for every single tax levy on the ballot in 2009.

  15. Michelle SchneiderApril 22, 2010 at 2:11 PM

    Did someone call for a tax increase? I'd like to endorse it too.

  16. That's funny Bim, I'm pretty sure that $8 Billion from the general fund that was transferred over to the highway trust fund in an effort to bail it out didn't come solely from gas taxes.

  17. Are you pretty sure Gordon??? Or are you just guessing because you have no idea? How much of the general fund balance is there due to sales tax revenues from the purchase of every single car, bus, and truck in the State? How much of the general fund is there due to the sales tax levied on gasoline (on top of the gas tax).

    Will you support a $17 million rail rider tax to be added to the ticket price for the sloooow 3C train so that there's not an operating loss, or do you only support rail travel if you can take money out of your neighbor's pocket to ride choo choo trains?

  18. Oh, and part of the reason that the money in the highway trust fund has dropped is that cars today are extremely fuel-efficient, hence people need to purchase less gasoline. Gordon is also for less efficient cars, coal-powered streetcars, and deisel emmissions belching slow trains in addition to taking money from his neighbors' pockets so he can ride choo choos.

  19. The 3C's grant is as good as spent. If we reject it, it simply goes to another state.

    The $17 million operating deficit amounts to about $1.50 per Ohioan. So $6 per year per family of four.

    Would COAST be so relentless in its opposition to the 3C's project if Taft were still in office?

    COAST is an absolute joke.

  20. I imagine COAST would be against this since they consistently opposed Bob Taft and still ridicule him to this day. You would know this if you would take off your anti-COAST rail fanatic blinders for more than 5 minutes.

    Again, as someone else stated above, if $17 million is such a pittance then let the rail riders pay for it through a rail ticket tax.

    You sir, are a joke who will only support train travel if you don't have to pay for it yourself.


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