Tuesday, April 6, 2010

COAST Issues Endorsements in Ohio Republican Central Committee Races

COAST encourages votes for
Lori Viars, Bob McEwen, Mark Haverkos,
Bobbi Radeck and Joanne Kemmerer

It is an obscure Committee about which most voters have almost no knowledge, yet it wields tremendous power over the governance of Ohio and the direction of the Republican Party -- the Ohio Republican Central Committee. This committee elects the Ohio Republican Party Chairman and makes endorsements in state-wide races, many times pre-primary when Republican voters actually get their say.

This year, the State GOP has made the unfortunate decision to announce endorsements in these races, and to expend state party resources in preserving the power structure in Columbus -- an unfortunate (and kind of creepy) use of GOP monies. (In fact, we understand that the GOP has not endorsed in these races at all.) We ask that you ignore the GOP endorsements and look to recommendations of independent groups, like those of COAST.

This year, there are dozens of contested races across the State for these important seats. COAST has researched the candidates for these races in Southwest Ohio and makes its recommendations to you today. Each district has one man and one woman elected for each political party.

7th. In the 7th District (eastern portions of Hamilton County and all of Warren County), COAST recommends Lori Viars and Bob McEwen. COAST notes that Mary Anne Christie is also running for the woman's seat. COAST appreciates the outreach that Ms. Christie has made to conservatives and COAST over the past few years, but prefers Lori Viars, a lioness of the conservative movement in Ohio and nation.

9th. In the 9th District, Cincinnati's west side, for the woman's seat, COAST recommends Joanne Kemmerer, a solid conservative and long-time friend of COAST. Kemmerer's opponent is Amber Burke Sprengard, a dangerous and committed advocate of big government who actively campaigned last year against Issue 9, the amendment to stop Cincinnati's foolish trolley proposal.

4th. In the 4th District race (Butler County), COAST endorses Mark Haverkos for the man's seat and Roberta Jean (Bobbi) Radeck for the woman's seat. See their web site here.

Please remember these candidates when you vote.

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