Monday, April 12, 2010

COAST asks conservative voters to remember Leslie Ghiz record when voting in this year's primary election

"Just because I'm a Republican
doesn't mean anything"
-- Leslie Ghiz, August 2, 2006

This May's Republican primary election pits Republicans Leslie Ghiz and Chris Monzel against each other for the County Commission seat being vacated by democrat David Pepper.

Ironically, it was less than four years ago that Leslie Ghiz actively advocated for a democrat takeover of the County Commission, endorsing David Pepper's election over a giant of the conservative movement in Hamilton County, Republican Phil Heimlich. In making that surprise endorsement on the Bill Cunningham show on WLW, Ghiz declared:

"Just because I'm a Republican doesn't mean anything."

Of course, Ghiz' endorsement of David Pepper resulted in a democrat takeover of the County Commission, the first time in more than 40 years.

Ghiz' flirting with the uber-wealthy Pepper dynasty did not end with the endorsement of liberal democrat David Pepper. Rather, her ties to the Pepper clan appears to be a consistent theme of her public service.

After Pepper's election, she became one of the leading cheerleaders of his Super-Sized Sales Tax that was rejected by 56% of County voters. In 2007, Ghiz was part of the campaign team trying to block ballot access for the COAST petition drive to force the tax to a public vote.

Throughout the Pepper tenure on the County Commisison, Ghiz led public relations actions designed to advance the democrat Pepper/Portune agenda.

Also in 2007, Ghiz co-sponsored a motion to give $1 million in taxpayer funds to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. The NURFC is, of course, chaired by John Pepper, and he has been the leader in soliciting public funds for that failed institution.

The payoff for Ghiz? The Pepper family has made political donations to Ghiz of more than $3,500.

Further, John and David Pepper work tirelessly behind the scenes to help Ghiz political career. The test of those efforts are this year's Republican primary election.

On the broader questions of her fiscal record, in all candor, Ghiz has publicly displayed more fiscal restraint than many of her left-wing Council members, particularly in recent public debates on Council budgets. However, on the major issues before our community, such as the Super-Sized Jail Tax, Ghiz consistently comes out on the wrong side of the issues.

She was a consistent supporter of the failed $180 million Trolley proposal until she decided to run for Commission, and actively joined the opposition to Issue 9 (that would have forced the Trolley plan to a public vote) last year.

During her time on Council, the millions from the Anthem demutualization was squandered, and the City's pension fund has gone virtually bankrupt.

Overall, COAST sees little hope in her voting record and community activism that Hamilton County will be better under her leadership and sees many troubling indicators of pandering to wealthy and influential democrats for her own advancement.

COAST encourages its readers to take all of this into account before voting on May 4.


  1. Amber Burke RinogardApril 12, 2010 at 3:41 PM

    When push came to shove I stood with Leslie Ghiz and other RINO's and opposed Issue 9. We're going to give you this damn streetcar whether you want it or not! Support the Cincinnati streetcar - support Ghiz!!!

  2. Elephants never forgetApril 12, 2010 at 5:02 PM

    I will never forget that she sided with the left on MANY occasions. She has been TRYING to pose as a conservative out in public. We pay attention and WE know better.

  3. I'm very thankful that Leslie Ghiz worked hard to give my Freedom Center $1 million in taxpayer funds. Leslie knows that those tax dollars could not have been put to better use.

    Most of all, I'm proud that Leslie endorsed Democrat David Pepper for Commissioner, then helped him pass his huge Sales Tax hike. That's what we need - higher taxes, more Democrats in office. Please join me in supporting Leslie Ghiz!

  4. Governor Boob TaftApril 12, 2010 at 5:31 PM

    Remember, just because she's a Republican doesn't mean anything.


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