Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two important matters for COASTers

(1) Please come to the Tea Party event Thursday
(2) What is wrong with Kevin DeWine?

Important Tea Party event.
Those opposing unrestrained taxes and spending by Republicans and Democrats have been immeasurably emboldened and strengthened by the Tea Parties nationally and by a particularly strong and well-led movement in southwest Ohio. Tea Partiers have also partnered with COAST on numerous projects.

They have graciously invited all Tea Partiers to the tax day event this Thursday, April 15 with Fox News' Sean Hannity and John Kasich at U.C.'s Fifth Third Arena at 6 PM. It is going to be an event of national significance, and we need a strong turnout. Please get your tickets here. COASTer support of this event is crucial.

What is wrong with Kevin DeWine?
We will try to make this as simple and direct as possible: Something stinks at the Ohio Republican Party.

For months and months, major candidates and party officials have sought ways to build bridges with Tea Party leaders in order to bring that energy into a dying GOP, strangled by the likes of George W. Bush and Bob Taft.

Kevin DeWine, who is the Chairman of the Ohio Republican Party angered those activists with shenanigans surrounding the Ohio Attorney General's race, and had that spill over into an unfortunate endorsement of David Yost in the State Auditor's race and Jon Husted in the Secretary of State. That was two sticks poked in the eyes of conservative voters, but kind of what you would expect from the GOP leaders in Columbus.

But now Kevin DeWine and the Ohio GOP have gone too far. They have spent tens of thousands of dollars in state party resources sending mailings "endorsing" candidates for the Republican State Central Committee, the very Committee that elects DeWine and controls the state GOP.

But here's the real problem -- the claimed GOP "endorsements" never happened from what COAST can tell. There was never a meeting, there was never a vote, and there was never an endorsement by the Republican State Central Committee of any the State Central Committee candidates.

Kevin DeWine simply made it up.

Read here the false statements complaint of Clermont County Republican State Central Committee Thea Shoemate against Kevin DeWine. It has all the facts.

So, COAST asks: What the heck is wrong with Kevin DeWine? And does he expect to win elections in the Fall while poking Tea Parties in the eye in the Spring? Really?


  1. Amber Burke RinogardApril 13, 2010 at 1:42 PM

    Thanks for the "endorsement" Kevin I'll remember your support the next time you need a favor.

  2. Republican Party mis-leaders often claim that we conservatives should be quiet and support all their Taft-like candidates because it's so important to win in November.

    Yet here they are, wasting tens of thousands of dollars in the primary to tell us which Republican is better (read: more RINO) than the other. So much for the importance of winning in November. Where are our elected officials and State Central Committee members to speak against this?

  3. Anon, I believe they're still waiting in the "spine-line."


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