Thursday, April 22, 2010

COAST endorses both Weidman, Wilson in 28th

Bounty of blessings in leadership offerings

COAST is pleased to announce a co-endorsement of two eminently qualified candidates for Ohio’s 28th House District to replace a lockstep pro-Strickland vote, Connie Pillich this fall. COAST heartily recommends for the Republican nomination both Tom Weidman and Mike Wilson.

Rarely have two more dynamic gentlemen, and true leaders of the conservative movement, emerged in Ohio. However, 28th District voters have a choice between the two of them – and a third candidate – to take on Connie Pillich in one of the top-target seats for a Republican pickup this fall.

Tom Weidman is an incumbent Sycamore Township Trustee. As such, he has carefully managed the finances of this suburb, and led the Republican team there to electoral success. In 2006, Weidman chaired the Phil Heimlich for Commissioner Campaign, and has lent his name and hard work to numerous Republican efforts. COAST has particularly warm feelings for Weidman as someone who has personally helped us raise funds, collect signatures and make an impact each time it counted. When COAST opposed State funding for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Weidman led the Sycamore Trustees in an official resolution against the wasted funds and encouraged other Townships to do the same. The list of issues on which he has taken affirmative leadership, and on which he has succeeded in delivering wins, is significant.

Another candidate in the race is newer to the political scene, but no less accomplished – Mike Wilson. In early 2009, at the low ebb of Republican confidence, Wilson organized a rag tag band of protesters into an amazing display of support for policies of limited government. His March 2009 Cincinnati Tea Party not only packed Fountain Square with more than 6,000 protesters, but was the first significant rally in the nation, igniting the flames of hope that have since enveloped the Nation. This stunning display of power – against all odds of success – has launched a nationwide movement. Though a political novice, Wilson has shown a steady and principled hand on the rudder of the Tea Party movement, leading it to be a responsible conservative voice in Southwest Ohio, and a reliable partner for COAST in a variety of activities.

COAST could not choose between the two, but 28th District Republicans will have to. The 28th Ohio House District includes such north-central Hamilton County suburbs as Montgomery, Blue Ash, Sharonville, Forest Park, Glendale, Lockland and others.


  1. Blue Ash RepublicanApril 22, 2010 at 6:34 PM

    Good move. They are both excellent conservatives. Either one of them would do a great job for us.

  2. Good to hear.

    Hey COAST - have you heard that the City of South Euclid passed a traffic camera ordinance last night? To make it politically palatable, they tied it to school bus cameras along with speed cameras. Brilliant stuff, huh?

  3. We are not concerned about this race right now. We just want everyone to know how important it is to elect Leslie Ghiz as our County Commissioner.

    She supported David Pepper. She supported Pepper's $800 million tax hike. She supported the streetcar and freedom center. That's why we've proudly endorsed her.


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