Tuesday, April 6, 2010

COAST Endorses Shannon Jones for Ohio Senate

COAST announces its enthusiastic endorsement of Shannon Jones for Ohio's 7th Senate District. Jones is running in the May 4 primary to hold the seat to which she was appointed last year upon the passing of State Senator Robert Schuler. The 7th Senate District covers roughly the eastern 1/3 of Hamilton County and all of Warren County.

In endorsing Jones, COAST cited not just her promises on fiscal issues, but also her solid voting record in both the Ohio House and Senate against tax and spending increases.

Like her primary opponent, Jones has taken the pledge of Americans for Tax Reform against raising taxes during the coming Senate term. Beyond that, COAST's review of her voting record has shown that she has never voted in favor of a tax increase as a legislator.

Jones currently is leading two state-wide fights against massive growth in government pushed by President Obama and Governor Strickland. First, Jones has sponsored legislation and is pushing the petition drive to stop socialized medicine from being implemented in Ohio. She also encouraged Ohio's Attorney General to join the suit against the federal health care legislation.

Jones is also a leader in stopping what she refers to as Strickland's Crazy Train, the $400 million, 39-mile-per-hour boondoggle connecting Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and Cleveland.

In confronting the massive $8 billion budget gap expected next year, Jones is already working on a task force to develop long-term solutions to the State's over-spending problem, including her support for HB 25 to consolidate the number of state agencies from 20 to 11, which is projected to save $1 billion or more per year. This type of advance planning to scale back spending is exactly the type of forethought missing during the disastrous Taft and Voinovich years.

Absentee voting is underway, and the primary election day is May 4. COAST encourages its supporters to vote for Shannon Jones, volunteer for Shannon Jones and contribute to Shannon Jones' campaign. Her campaign web site is here.


  1. I totally agree with this endorsement of Shannon, especially when you compare her record to that of her opponent.

    COAST is right on with this.


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