Monday, March 29, 2010

COAST endorses Chris Monzel for Hamilton County Commissioner

COAST proudly endorses Council member Chris Monzel for the Republican nomination for the Hamilton County Commission.

During his nearly eight years on Cincinnati City Council, Monzel frequently has seemed to be the lone voice of fiscal restraint in a tri-partisan City Council chorus demanding higher spending and taxes.

He has consistently opposed Cincinnati's foolish and wasteful trolley project and funds for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Monzel co-chaired the campaign in 2007 to defeat the Super-Sized Jail Tax, and COAST's campaigns against the Red Light Cameras in 2008 and to stop the Trolley spending in 2009. Monzel has opposed City budget after City budget that provided funding for such things as the Greater Cincinnati Film Commission and recycling bins with electronic monitoring chips. Monzel has fought annually to preserve the property tax rollback, and has vigorously opposed the new trash tax push by the City Manager.

"Chris Monzel is one of the few candidates, Republican or Democrat, who 'gets it,'" said COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd. "He stands out among elected officials as understanding what it will take to spur jobs and development in our region. COAST enthusiastically supports Chris Monzel on May 4."

COAST will be urging its members to donate to and volunteer for the Monzel campaign. Few races in May are more important.


  1. Excellent choice. Chris Monzel is the only one on City Council who has consistently opposed higher taxes and the streetcar. Leslie Ghiz stood with fellow liberals like David Pepper and Marc Dann to try to raise our Sales Tax.

    Monzel is the only Commission candidate who won't raise our property taxes to bail out the Stadium fund.

  2. Monzel is the only Commission candidate who won't raise our property taxes to bail out the Stadium fund.

    He's also the only one who won't plan any solution to balance the stadium fund (or the county's ledger). Is this what counts as "leadership"?


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