Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Four things the IRS will never be able to explain away

As the Obama administration dodges, bobs and weaves to explain the IRS fiasco, or to simply avoid the   shrapnel flying from the daily bombshells, there are four fundamental and glaring positions taken by the IRS that are, ultimately, inconsistent with fundamental American values, and violative of the US Constitution and numerous federal statutes.

  1. The targeting of conservative groups, groups that question government power is inexcusable.  The notion that IRS agents were simply taking a shortcut, or trying to be efficient in grouping applications, is absurd.  Read of the outrageous, callous targeting here.
  2. Beyond the targeting, however, is the over-the-top, intrusive questioning that could not possibly serve any purposes other than to abuse, harass, and possibly illegally learn the workings of the Tea Party groups, and for future targeting of groups and individuals.  It was more than "impolite" "horrible customer service," and "insensitive," it was illegal, unconstitutional, and conspiratorial. Read here the questions asked and understand the evil depths to which IRS agents sunk.  Please read the Liberty Township Tea Party letter here to understand just how over-the-top, intrusive and improper the IRS actions were, once a Tea Party group was targeted.
  3. Third, the lie spun by the IRS that this all evolved from the actions of two rogue agents in the Cincinnati office is purely and simply a lie.  And the intentional misrepresentations about the IRS policy, practice and procedure to target and then harass Tea Partiers is evidence of the nefarious nature of the harassment plan.
  4. Finally, the fact that they simply would not stop, even after corrected, the fact that the administration covered up the scandal for a year after the investigation was completed, the declaration of the 5th, and the continuous prevarication, is an indication that this administration has no intention to come clean with the public and cleanse itself of the filth with which they have cloaked themselves.
As we have said before, Laverentiy Beria would be exceedingly proud of Mitch Steele, Joe Herr, Cindy Thomas and Lois Learner.  These bastards have threatened to undermine the very foundations that underpin America.  Let them suffer the consequences of their "poor customer service."

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