Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The reasons we can't rely upon the Courts for our agenda

Tomorrow's decision on ObamaCare is instructive of the problem we have in enacting a conservative agenda. 

First, the voters empowered a radical President and Congress to jam through a dramatically unpopular law.  Citizen activists then staged an uprising against the growth of government that was unprecedented in modern history.  Still, the democrats rammed through the massive power grab over the economic liberties of Americans in recent memory.

So, politically what was the result?  Voters handed solid control of the House to the GOP and they assured that the GOP had a solid filibuster in the Senate.  This fall, the voters likely are to deliver the Presidency, the Senate and the House to the GOP.

So what vision do they offer?  What is the promise of change?  What is the contrast to the disastrous policies of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and President Obama?  Nothing.

Yes, the democrats took the political risks that cost them the House and imperil the Senate and the Presidency, and the GOP offers nothing but the "anti" as an antidote. 

Sure we will repeal ObamaCare, but is the GOP prepared to return the field of medicine to the free markets?  Is the GOP prepared to cease the endless contortion of the marketplace with limitless government subsidies?  Indeed, it is the plentiful supply of government monies for prescription medicines that is paralyzing communities across the nation with addicts.  And it is immediately solveable if we ... just stop spending government money to subsidize the addition.

So, here we stand, on the eve of the U.S. Supreme Court acting on ObamaCare?  If they uphold it, we can point at the democrats and say it's all their fault.  If they strike it down, we lose our political advantage, but have nothing to offer as an alternative.

We as conservatives, as Republicans, must do more than rely upon Judges to do our work for us.  We must win in elections and win in the legislatures to develop a pro-free market agenda that meaningfully changes the course of the ship of state.  At best, the Courts are a backstop to stop the worst of liberal excesses.  But as we are all too well aware that backstop has not been that reliable or effective.  We must win at the ballot box; in the Court of Public Opinion, and in the legislatures.

And that is a fight against an entrenched media, an entrenched non-profit sector, an entrenched for-profit sector, and a liberal constituency that is perfectly satisfied to bankrupt America.

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