Monday, October 26, 2009

"Hard Truths" from Phil Heimlich on Mallory & CPS

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  1. After viewing Mr. Heimlich's "Hard Truth" on the Cincinnati School Levy, I wanted to donate a copy of the latest student numbers over the last four years. Mr. Heimlich is wrong, mistaken or lying about the decrease in the nmber of students over the last
    four years. The number of students actually INCREASED. The test scores have risen and two schools have received national awards for their academic achievments. Classes in many buildings are overcrowded and in spite of various efforts to upgrade facilities, many classrooms are in a sad state. Another of Mr. Heimlich's "truths" is anything but true. CPS does not receive the money when a student chooses a charter school. It goes to the charter school itself. The teachers have not gotten a raise for two years and the cost of their health care has tripled over the last five years. Coast and Mr. Heimlich should be ashamed of themselves.


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