Thursday, October 22, 2009

Democrat-controlled Ohio House Votes to Increase Income Taxes

And they have the temerity to lie about it

Prompted by liberal democrat Governor Ted Strickland, the equally liberal democrat House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to increase income tax rates for Ohio residents. The drive for the tax increase was spurred by decades of massive overspending by state lawmakers, which they could not stem even in the wake of Ohio’s declining recessionary revenues. Read about the tax hike here.

Faced with the choice of either finally reforming Ohio’s bloated bureaucracy or raising taxes, Governor Strickland has followed the failed lead of former Governor Bob Taft and elected for a massive tax increase. The liberal democrats in the Ohio House of Representatives have dutifully gone along with the demand for more revenue. Voting in favor of the disappointing tax increase were Denise Driehaus, Tyrone Yates, Dale Mallory, and Connie Pillich.

Even worse, Governor Strickland and compliant legislators have lied about increasing Ohio’s taxes, saying that because they are delaying (repealing) a scheduled tax decrease, they are in fact keeping taxes the same. These people are without shame!
Let’s remember their treachery when the time comes.

Hall of tax increase shame


  1. This blog post has a very misleading title. It seems that they suspended the most recent tax reduction, leaving tax rates at their current level. There doesn't appear to be (at least from the article you linked to) that there was a vote for an increase in income taxes.

  2. Anonymous, you're exactly right. There was no tax increase. At a time that calls for fiscal responsibility, the legislature correctly eliminated the final tax cut. That's not an increase, it's what the taxes would have been without this cut. Bravo to these courageous lawmakers.

  3. Streetcar advocateOctober 22, 2009 at 5:44 PM

    You're right Joe. In challenging economic times the best answer is always higher taxes. We cannot allow people to keep more of their own hard-earned money to pay mortgages and buy groceries with. The government has a God-given right to that money! The people of Ohio need to tighten their belts so that the government doesn't have to!

  4. These are exactly the kind of people we need in the State Legislature! I could have used them when I was passing my numerous massive tax hikes that drove Ohio's economy into the ground. Ohio needs an uncompetitive tax environment to succeed! Support Driehaus, Mallory, Yates, and Pillich!

  5. COAST, you guys are so poorly informed. Not only do you resort to the childish game of posting to your site pretending to be prominent figures (or prominents with slightly misspelled names) from around the area, you actually have the "temerity" to post as the guy who actually pushed for these short-sighted tax cuts, with absolutely zero plan to budget for them. Did you even think to do your homework? No, of course not. Doing homework would be the "responsible" thing to do.

    Your commitment to "responsibility" in government is plainly evident here. Champion any and all blind "tax cuts" as "responsible", but any new taxes (or tax renewals) that have a purpose and a plan are all "irresponsible".

  6. OK here is the problem with the theory of COAST'S fight against Issue nine. You complain about these incompenent leaders such as Dale Mallory. He is a complete bafoon. But you want the same people who voted these people into office vote for multi-million infrastructure projects such as the SC...Brillant. That is exactly what we need..The Republican party (which I belong to) wants to criticize every plan that comes along but not work on the problem . You spend all your time defeating the opposition that you lose sight of the problem.

  7. Stop the Streetcar Vote No on 9

  8. Streetcar, you will always make the argument that you're presently making. The truth is this was NOT a tax increase. To suggest otherwise is, at best, disingenuous; at worst, it's a bald face lie.

    We have a responsibility as a society to pay for the costs of government. COAST will always argue that the people can better spend the money themselves. Well public projects aren't going to be paid by John & Jane Citizen except by means of taxes. It's a reality and I, as a citizen, am prepared to pay my share. I'm not interested in the free ride COAST wants. Funny thing, a dye in the wool Democrat, trying to teach Republicans about responsibility.

  9. Support the streetcar, vote YES ON ISSUE 9!

  10. Joe,
    Your "courageous lawmker" hero Tyrone Yates says that Issue 9 passing WILL NOT negatively affect Cincinnati's ability to abotain funding for the 3C rail system. He must know right? After all, he's giving us all a lesson in responsibility when it comes to taxes.

  11. Joe,
    You will always make the argument that you are presently making, which is that higher taxes are good for a struggling economy.

    "Well public projects aren't going to be paid by John & Jane Citizen."
    - This tax cut freeze is not so that the State has money for public projects. It's merely operating money so they don't have to make spending cuts or consolidate departments. As any progressor will tell you, there's a difference between operating money and capital money. No public infrastructure projects would have been halted if the tax cuts would have went ahead.

  12. Cool, someone else is named Gordon Bombay. However, if you support the streetcar you should vote NO on 9. Just correcting the above poster.

    Dale Mallory looks nothing like Mark Mallory. What a bad picture.

  13. There are quite a few dopplegangers out there these days Gordon, and that Anonymous poster has been purposely posting No on 9 to stop the streetcar on this and other blogs. It's a pitiful attempt to confuse people. Luckily, I think just about everyone who reads this blog and other Issue 9 oriented blogs knows exactly what the yes/no votes mean.

    Dale and Mark look very different. I could be completely wrong, but I thought I heard that they have dfferent mothers. That might exlpain it, or maybe they just don't look alike.

  14. So let me get this straight...Voting No means yes to Streetcars?? Wow that is confusing...Who wrote this amendment anyway??


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