Sunday, February 1, 2009

Steve Driehaus shows his hand:

Yet another big-spending Democrat

For years, Steve Driehaus has claimed to be a “conservative” democrat, and has campaigned telling his constituents that he has west-side, fiscally conservative values. Well, the new Congressman was tested with his first major vote – on the bloated $819 billion stimulus bill. He voted “yes.”

The Enquirer asked Driehaus about his inaugural vote and he cynically declared: "I take very seriously the notion that we should be balancing budgets," he said. "But when we are facing an economic crisis as bad as this, there is little choice but government intervention."

Um-hm, the big spenders always have a reason, don’t they. Expect more of the same from this traditional tax-and-spend democrat.


  1. Is anyone surprised that The Little Puppet wants to spend our money? I'm sure he believes that government intervention is the solution to all our problems. I'd still like to know what Steve Chabot didn't do that caused voters not to support him.

  2. There is only one level of government I'm aware of that can run a deficit, and that would be the Federal government. Local and State governments have to balance their books and they're flat broke. If the feds don't do something then we're at risk of losing thousands upon thousands of state-funded jobs like teachers, police officers, firefighters, professors, and so on. In these troubling economic times, the last thing we need is our government going broke and laying off thousands of people.


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