Monday, February 16, 2009

Steve Chabot - Rock Solid Fiscal Conservative

Come see and meet Steve Chabot at the COAST Fundraiser this Thursday night.
February 19, 2009
6:00 - 8:00pm
Montgomery Inn
9440 Montgomery Rd
Montgomery OH 45242

Paid admission includes two complimentary beer or wine tickets, hors deoeuvres, and sandwiches piled high with world-famous Montgomery Inn pulled pork and chicken barbecue! Guests can talk politics with our speakers and star-studded host committee listed below.

5:45 PM Registration/Cash Bar
6:00 PM Dignitaries arrive
6:20 PM Food is served
6:50 PM Army Major, Dr. Brad Wenstrup leads Pledge of Allegiance
6:55 PM COAST Chairman Jason Gloyd welcomes guests
7:00 PM Sandy O'Brien comments on statewide taxes & spending
7:05 PM State Auditor Mary Taylor speaks on preserving tax funds
7:15 PM Former Congressman John Kasich gives keynote address
7:35 PM Formal program concludes
8:00 PM Event concludes

Kimberly & Mark Ayer

Theodore & Peggy Hubbard

Donald Bock

Robert Mecklenborg

Jack Boyle

Chris Monzel

William & Joann Brayshaw

E. Paul Naberhaus

Thomas E. Brinkman, Jr.

Daniel & Kellie Peters

Steve Chabot

John Rabenold

Piotr Chomczynski

Daniel Regenold

Joseph Deters

Dusty Rhodes

Christopher & Diane Finney

Durk Rorie

Jason Gloyd

Brian Shrive

Hon. Robert Goering

Alex Triantafilou

Curt C. Hartman

Michael Valentine

Hon. Greg Hartmann

Tom & Dianne Weidman

Phil & Rebecca Heimlich

Charlie Winburn

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  1. Would you mind sharing with me Chabot's most noteworthy accomplishments over his Congressional career?

    From my observations Chabot wanted more government as it related to online poker regulations, he wanted the government to come into the public classroom and force education on 'Intelligent Design,' he voted against stem cell research, and he voted against health insurance for children.

    What would you consider to be his major accomplishments and particularly noteworthy conservative achievements?

  2. Steve Chabot has the highest lifetime rating in history from Citizens Against Government Waste. Mr. Chabot also voted twice against the now failed financial bailout. He's proven time and again to be a friend of the taxpayer and we're honored he is a sponsor of this event.


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