Sunday, February 1, 2009

Others Catching On To Red Light Cameras

Following Cincinnati’s lead in ditching the hated devices

Cincinnati is ahead of the curve when it comes to learning of the intrusiveness of red light and speeding cameras. Last year, with the assistance of COAST, Cincinnati voters banned red light and speeding cameras.

Now, Pinal County Arizona has dumped the pernicious devices, and in Italy, red light cameras have been shut down across the country as a result of a massive fraud scandal involving 109 public officials and contractors.

In Ohio, Toledo already has launched its campaign for a Charter Amendment to ban the pernicious devices, and the cities of Warren, Pickerington, Northwood, Chillicothe have asked for COAST’s help in banning the devices there. Honolulu, Hawaii has even contacted us seeking assistance. (We are hoping they fund a winter trip there for training.)

Who says Cincinnati is behind the times?

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